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"David Gibson's Groundbreaking work is a real eye-opener for all of us, music professionals and casual listeners alike. He has single-handedly rethought the whole metaphor for the visual representation of recorded music and conjured up a brand new way to interact with it. It's high time we took a new look at the antique user interface employed by typical MIDI and sample editing tools - and this book and video series is a great place to start."
- Thomas "Dolby" Roberson

2nd Edition - Now with Full Color Graphics throughout the entire book

THE ART OF MIXING -- A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering and Production, by David Gibson uses visuals of mixes to explain and SHOW how to create every style of mix that is typically done for each style of music and song. Gibson has mapped out everything that can be done to create various effects in a mix. It's an in-depth exploration into the aesthetics of what makes a great mix in a simple, visual manner. The book shows everything from Bluegrass to Big Band, New Age to Heavy Metal, Classical to Hip Hop, Jazz to Rap, and Alternative Rock to Techno.

Edited by George Petersen, editor Mix magazine.

Hip Hop MixChapter 1 - All Aspects of a Recorded Piece of Music
Every single component that goes into making a great recorded piece of music.

Chapter 2 - Visual Representations of "Imaging"

An introduction to the visual framework for displaying sounds in a mix.

Chapter 3 - Guides to a Great Mix
Reasons for creating one style of mix or another.

Chapter 4 - Functions of Studio Equipment and Visual Representations of All Parameters
Including: Fader, Compressor/Limiters, Noise Gates, Equalization, Panpots, Delays, Flangers, Choruses, Phase Shifters, Reverbs, Harmonizers, and Pitch Transposers.

Sledgehammer MixChapter 5 - Musical Dynamics Created with Studio Equipment
Common values for the use of Volume, Panning, EQ and Effects in mixes for different styles of mixes.

Chapter 6 - Styles of Mixes
Creating different classic styles of mixes. Changing the style of mix in the middle of a song.

Chapter 7 - Magic in Music, Songs, and Equipment

Chapter 8 - 3D Sound Processors and Surround Sound Mixing

Chapter 9 - Mixing Procedures

Vivaldi Mix The visuals give you away to identify what other engineers are doing in the mixes you like. With this perspective on the underlying structure of the dynamics that are going on in a mix, you will develop your own values. Then, you can do whatever you want. Once you have a good perspective on what is possible, you have the power to be truly creative on your own.

250 graphics of Mixes.


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